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29-Mar-2012 - Added 289 new pix. 86 in STANDARD galleries A13, P51 and M56. 203 horny new pix in PREMIUM galleries SPX12, SMR63, SMR64 and SMX42. It had been a while so enjoy!

28-Nov-2011 - Added 125 new pix in a horny PREMIUM only update. New pix in PREMIUM galleries SAX09, SAR18, SMR62, SMR63, SMX41 and SMX42.

26-Oct-2011 - Added 182 new pix. 16 new pix in STANDARD galleries P51 and M56. 166 horny new pix in PREMIUM galleries SMX41, SMR62 and SPX12.

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If you've made it this far then I don't need really need to explain what this site is about. This is basically the biggest and best padded nylon jacket fetish website on the W W W. All the best pix are here, the only warning is don't wank yourself to death when you see them :-) If you can't see the menus, then click here.

There's a lot of personal stuff on this web site, and even more good stuff provided with the kind permission of others. It's now up to you how this site develops. You can send pics and stories for inclusion via the contact button below, or you can just browse. PLEASE use the Contact Spuggie option on the menus to say what you liked (or didn't) to help us improve the site further.

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Thanks to everybody who has made contact to compliment this site - it's very nice to know others share the interest! Thanks particularly to those guys who have sent stories and pictures for the galleries.

Most of the pics in the galleries have come from known sources, but if you find a picture there that you want removed for copyright or privacy reasons, please e-mail and it will be removed promptly. Please see the "contact" button further up this page.

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