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I live in England and enjoy chatting to an meeting guys around my age or younger who share my passion for Parkas and BJs. If you don't live in England, then please do still contact me as I have internet friends all around the world and as long as you speak some English I'm happy to chat :-)

You can contact me by using the Contact Spuggie option on the menu which is the most reliable option, or alternatively you can email me at email address

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Part of my collection

View the special Bomber Jackets in my collection.

Technical Stuff

This BJ and Snorkel Parka website take up a lot of time, updating it, answering emails, chatting to friends on-line about them, etc. But there's been so many good friends made through the site that its worth the effort. In order to make the maintenance burden easier, there's a lot of code in the server-side scripting language PHP5. It was a lot of work writing all the code and making it reliable, but now its done, it's made life much easier :-)

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Basically PHP is the best thing since the invention of the wheel and has made maintaining the sites much simpler. It also helps to ensure that everything is up to date for users across the website instead of having to maintain loads of separate files. And PHP is FREE! [ http://www.php.net ]

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MySQL is used as the back end database engine because its fast, reliable, simple to maintain, and importantly its also FREE and works well with both PHP4 and PHP5. [ http://www.mysql.com ]