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Membership is open to anyone over 18 years of age*

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How to I become a STANDARD member?

Anybody over 18 years of age* can register to become a STANDARD member, and it's completely FREE.
Simply click here to register.

Why should I become a PREMIUM member? What are the benefits?

Becoming a PREMIUM member has a number of benefits;

bullet There are no watermark texts over the pictures.
bullet You get access to over 10,000 extra horny pics available EXCLUSIVELY to PREMIUM members.
bullet You can see the pictures full size. Standard members are shown smaller images.
bullet You are allowed to save pictures from the website for personal use.
bullet You get access to LOTS more stories available EXCLUSIVELY to members.
bullet You can post up to 100 pictures in your own membership profile.
bullet You get a "warm fuzzy feeling" knowing you are helping to develop the Internet's number one Nylon Jacket Fetish website.

How can I become a PREMIUM member?

You need to register for FREE STANDARD membership first and you can then upgrade your membership to PREMIUM

You can upgrade to PREMIUM membership either for FREE or for a small monthly fee. The choice is yours!

FREE - Send us at least one self picture of you wearing a horny nylon BJ or Parka or Anorak (puffa). The picture must meet the following requirements;

FREE - Send us a horny story involving guys in nylon BJs, Parkas or Anoraks. The story must be at least 1 A4 page long when printed. The story may be posted to the website. Stories contributed towards membership must be your own original work and not copyrighted stories from elsewhere.
The most reliable way to send us pictures or stories is using the File Upload option on the menu.   Alternatively you can email them, but that's less reliable.

Either of these FREE options will get you up to 1 months FREE PREMIUM membership.

Your membership will be extended if you contribute suitable pics or stories regularly.

Note : The picture/stories may be posted to the website but your face will be anonymised (blanked out) on pictures if you request that at the time of contribution. Poor pictures/stories or those not meeting the above requirements will be refused.

Pictures or stories should be emailed to the email address on the "Contact" button at the bottom of this page.

Unfortunately Mastercard will no-longer process subscription bbilling for fetish websites and Visa have imposed an annual fee that is larger than I take in subscriptions every year so it it no-longer possible to become a member by paying a subscription.

Note : Membership is subject to approval by Spuggie Productions. Membership may be refused or withdrawn at any time without Spuggie Productions having to give a reason. By contributing images or stories in return for free premium membership, you agree that you are granting a perpetual licence to Spuggie Productions which allows free and unrestricted use of the images or stories by Spuggie Productions or an approved affiliate. Where you have requested your face to be anonymised (blanked) in an image at the time of contribution, only the anonymised may be used under the licence. Images or stories may continue to be displayed on the websites for an indefinite period even after the contributor's PREMIUM membership has lapsed. The exact amount of membership given depends on the quality of the images / stories contributed and is at the discretion of Spuggie Productions. If membership is not given because the images or stories are not suitable then the images or stories will not be used on the website.

* Membership is open to anybody of 18 years or over, or whatever is the legal minimum age to view this material for the country you are accessing this website from.

DeutschThis page is also available in German (Deutsch)

To email your pics or stories, please use the email address on the contact page linked on this button
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