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An UK mail order website selling GS MA1 jackets and other nice gear.
Submitted 11 Oct 2010 by Spuggie
2325 hits     Add Comments
A German website selling MA1 jackets and MA1 padded trousers. They will ship internationally
Submitted 04 Aug 2010 by Spuggie
3372 hits
Blue Inc     Add Comments
A UK mail order website that sells BJs and Parkas in the autumn/winter season
Submitted 29 May 2007 by Spuggie
4048 hits
Gay Male nylon down group     Add Comments
This is my new group. Post pictures of your nylon and down gear.
Submitted 10 Jul 2006 by bhutch1294
5492 hits
parkaboys new website/club     Add Comments   View Comments
New(ish) site for photos/postings
Submitted 06 Jan 2006 by mhart01
9466 hits     Add Comments
A great website with all sorts of gear including some BJs and Parkas
Submitted 28 Dec 2005 by Spuggie
5487 hits
Trashed Nylon Jackets     Add CommentsSubmitted 20 Dec 2005 by messybj6352 hits
:: GAY SKI and NYLON BOYS :: GAYSKI ::     Add Comments
In here boys wear their ski suits and down jackets - not only outdoor in snow!
Submitted 09 Nov 2005 by gaysi
5347 hits
Skianz?ge Daunenjacken Nylonklamotten Fo     Add Comments   View Comments
Deutschsprachiges Forum f?r Freunde von Skianz?gen, Daunenjacken und sonstigen Nylonklamotten (geh?rt zu
Submitted 09 Nov 2005 by gayski
4542 hits
destroyed Parkas and anoraks     Add Comments   View Comments
Everything ripped down all parkas and can look and place pictures here.
Submitted 18 Aug 2005 by marc
4628 hits
Gay Boy Fetisch     Add Comments   View Comments
Different fetishes including gallerys of BJ and Lycra.
Submitted 29 Mar 2005 by Michael
5796 hits     Add Comments
A UK website selling Bomber Jackets
Submitted 11 May 2004 by Spuggie
3386 hits
cyrille skin bombers     Add Comments
pics of bj
Submitted 10 Jan 2004 by cyrille
5962 hits
Niton 999     Add Comments   View Comments
UK supplier of police and military stuff including flight jackets
Submitted 27 Dec 2003 by Spuggie
3661 hits
Bomberjackets, MA1 Nylon trousers and mo     Add Comments
This is a new German Homepage of Ahrensburg2002. Visite this website. Cool
Submitted 11 Jun 2002 by Ahrensburg2002
7739 hits
Anoraks website     Add Comments
My friend "Anorak" now has his own website. Lots of fun in nylon anoraks!!
Submitted 31 Mar 2002 by Spuggie
11068 hits     Add Comments   View Comments
A mail order website in the UK selling bomber jackets. Sometimes have special offers ;-)
Submitted 16 Nov 2001 by Spuggie
4040 hits
Skadrophenia Skins     Add Comments
Lots of skins in BJs
Submitted 13 Nov 2001 by Spuggie
5582 hits
Army / Navy Shop     Add Comments
A US mail order company selling Alpha and other brands
Submitted 22 Sep 2001 by Spuggie
3175 hits
Yahoo MA-1 Fetish Club     Add Comments
A Yahoo club for guys who are "into" MA-1 Bomber Jackets. Another good place to make contacts.
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
4805 hits
ParkaLovers eGroup     Add Comments
An e-mail and website based group of guys into Snorkel Parkas. A place to reveal your inner-most feelings about Snorkel Parkas and make new friends.
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
4530 hits     Add Comments
A story archive with thousands of excellent gay stories. Well worth a visit for an excellent read.
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
3758 hits
Alpha Industries     Add Comments
Alpha Industries produce THE best bomber jackets in the world! Expensive, but good!
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
2862 hits
Springfields UK     Add Comments   View Comments
UK mail order company selling Alpha and other brand BJs and Parkas
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
4706 hits     Add Comments   View Comments
US Auction site selling vintage jackets. Often expensive, but some real classics can be bought.
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
3133 hits
Transatlantic Trading UK     Add Comments   View Comments
UK Mail order company selling BJs and Parkas
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
4048 hits
Patriot Uniforms US     Add Comments   View Comments
US Mail order BJs
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
3495 hits
Silvermans UK     Add Comments
UK Mail order and retail BJs and Parkas
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
3585 hits
BJLuver     Add Comments
An MA-1 Jacket fetish site.
Submitted 01 Jan 2001 by Spuggie
6752 hits

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