You are not alone! Spuggie1234.com is a website for fans of padded nylon jackets.
We have tens on thousands of pictures here of all sorts of padded nylon jackets, and particularly of Snorkel Parkas, MA1 flight jackets and puffa/down jackets. As a member you can also upload your own jacket pics and share them with other members.
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How much does it cost to join?
You can have a look at the sample content for nothing and Standard membership is completely FREE !   All you need to do is to take about a minute to complete a self-registration process and you will be able to access over 10,000 free pictures. Standard membership is FREE.

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Why do I have to register ?
You have to create a membership account so that we can store your preferences and to allow you to upload pictures to your profile gallery. Spuggie1234.com respects your personal details such as your email address and we will never sell or pass on your details to anybody else.

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This is a fetish website and any such images are entirely un-welcome.

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